Monday, February 15, 2016


 Local publisher Book Island has partnered up with The Neonatal Trust, donating some of its online picture book sales to support New Zealand’s smallest and sickest babies and their families. 
From 12 February until 15 March, Book Island will donate 35% of sales for every picture book sold online to The Neonatal Trust. Book Island’s picture books are wonderfully illustrated, quality picture books that will be loved by children of all ages. 

Neil O’Styke of The Neonatal Trust said that the Trust had long advocated the benefits of reading to babies, so it was fitting to be launching a campaign with Book Island.

“Like anyone else, babies benefit from being read to. There are many studies that show babies who are read to have improved mental development, vocabulary and intelligence over those who don’t.”

“We also see other benefits for premature or sick babies. From very early on they can recognise the tone of voice and speech patterns of their families, so reading provides a real opportunity for babies and their families to bond. That’s something that’s not always so straightforward when your life starts out in an incubator.”

Publisher Greet Pauwelijn is very excited about collaborating with The Neonatal Trust for the first time. 
“Our picture books are enjoyed by young children and adults alike. We want to ensure that the family reading experience isn’t something premmies and parents miss out on. 

We know how much time new families spend at the neonatal unit and books are a fantastic way to both bond with baby and entertain siblings during that long wait before baby comes home.” 

Mr O’Styke said the Trust was thrilled to be able to work with Book Island.
“We’re always looking for new ways to support our families, and it really helps when you’ve got quality products like these books. We’re incredibly grateful to Book Island for their support.”

If you’d like to support the Trust and get your hands on some wonderful new books, visit   Shipping is free to all non-rural addresses.

O’Styke says many New Zealanders are personally affected, or have friends and family, who have experienced premature births or had a sick baby require specialist care.

“It’s an issue which impacts a significant amount of our population, and we are excited to see the 

New Zealand community get behind us through our ‘Books for Babies’ campaign”.

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