Friday, February 19, 2016

Festivals: Adding glamour to literature

The Read, Booksellers NZ

Literary festivals are where worlds collide in a most inspiring way: where organisers, publishers and booksellers collaborate to ensure that authors find readers and readers find authors that inspire and delight them. Anna Smaill, author of The Chimes, says: 

The Read wanted to find out more about what goes into creating a successful festival, focusing on a chat with Kathryn Carmody, organiser of the upcoming NZ Festival Writer’s Week; how this percolates through booksellers in the form of Unity Books who have supported Writer’s Week 14 times in 28 years; what publicists like Sandra Noakes from Harper Collins and Gemma Finlay from Hachette NZ put into the process; and what authors like Anna Smaill and Catherine Robertson get out of it. Read on to find out

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