Monday, February 08, 2016

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Turning Pages: The irresistible rise of Indigenous writing

Author Alexis Wright.Jane Sullivan 12:15am It's only in the last decade or so that indigenous writers have been acknowledged, let alone celebrated, in any significant numbers.

Artist and author Leigh Hobbs named as new Australian Children's Laureate

A poster design for Old Tom (1994). JASON STEGER 12:15am The creator of such subversive characters as Old Tom, Mr Chicken and Horrible Harriet has been named as the next Australian Children's Laureate.

Leading Australian historian and public intellectual John Hirst has died

Australian History In 7 Questions, by John Hirst.JASON STEGER John Hirst, leading Australian historian and public intellectual, has died at the age of 73.

Book reviews: Great Calculations, Best Science Writing, Dr Karl, We Are Stardust

Dr Karl Short Back and Science, by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.Frank O'Shea The latest in top-notch science writing across a range of fields.

Orange Is the New Black's Piper Kerman on the trouble with prison

<i>Orange Is the New Black</i> author Piper Kerman on the set of the show.Jenny Valentish The protagonist of Orange is the New Black comes to Sydney to discuss the problem with prisons and the privilege of memoir writing.

Litbits: February 6

Author Mark Dapin? talks about his Vietnam War novel, R&R, at Muse Canberra on February 7.  RON CERABONA  Literary events in Canberra.

Megan Jacobson: Books that changed me

Author Megan Jacobson shares influential books from her past.

Megan Jacobson works in TV news production at the ABC and has written questions for TV games, scripts for TV dramas and short stories.

Boomer or millennial, your slang shows your age

This country's cacks have been steadily usurped by ROFLs. Illustration: John ShakespeareDavid Astle Forget your wrinkles, your sunspots, your dentistry. Your age can be calculated using language.

Book extract

Randolph Stow's farewell to Australia for a life of self-exile

Randolph Stow, taken in the village of Dedham, Essex, by his WA friend William Grono while he was visiting Mick in August 1970.Suzanne Falkiner A new biography of Randolph Stow, the Perth-born author of great Australian novels including The Merry-Go-Round in the Sea and To the Islands, explores his withdrawal from his home country, public life and writing itself. On his last visit he felt like an outsider in the Sydney literary scene, writes SUZANNE FALKINER.

Book news

Orhan Pamuk's Museum of Innocence: the book, the film, the collection

Orhan Pamuk at his Museum of Innocence in an Istanbul house, where   everyday objects from clothing and ornaments to photographs and maps are on display.SUSAN WYNDHAM "The future of museums is inside our own homes" – Orhan Pamuk

JK Rowling Chided

JK Rowling chipped on social media for Africa 'gaffe'

British author J.K. Rowling makes clarification.LINDA MORRIS Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has ignited a debate amongst fans of the wizarding world.

Cure review: Jo Marchant's fascinating exploration of evolving human science

Are these pills effective medicine or simply a placebo?Natasha Mitchell Jo Marchant's Cure explores the territory of placebo medicine.

Rain Dogs review: Adrian McKinty's fifth Sean Duffy novel has bite

Crime writer Adrian McKinty.Sue Turnbull Adrian McKinty's protaganist is caught up in a murder mystery that will brush with Northern Ireland's economic future.

How Fran Bryson captured the essence of Brazil in her travel book

In Brazil, Fran Bryson. The book is at its most effective when Bryson is writing about the experiences that made her most uncomfortable. Jane Sullivan For her first book, In Brazil, Fran Bryson immersed herself in all-things Brazilian.

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