Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Growing Up in Therapy : The 'New Yorker' excerpts a piece from Lena Dunham's forthcoming book, 'Not That Kind of Girl.'

British Readers Lost in Translation : British readers are devouring foreign fiction in record numbers amid a mini-boom in translated novels, inspired by the success of Scandinavian authors such as Jo Nesbø.

Top 10 Art & Design Bookstores: Here are of 10 of the most sensational bookstores around the world where the selection of books on contemporary art, design, architecture, fashion and photography is unsurpassed, via the Huffington Post.

Amazon's Culture Clash with France: Amazon’s rise has provoked fear and suspicion from the French government that its tactics may be undermining a treasured part of French culture: its bookstores.

Superman Comic Soars to $3.2M : A copy of 1938's 'Action Comics' No. 1, which features the first appearance of Superman, sold for a record-breaking $3,207,852 to an unnamed buyer on Sunday.

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