Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Singing the Birthday Blues
We’ve been having an amazing time here at Beatnik, celebrating our seventh birthday with an extended birthday bash. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. If you’d still like to join in the celebrations, you’ve only got a couple more weeks to nab a whole host of our books for only $19.59 – titles like Built For CaffeineBrown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick, and How Do You Say 'Thank You'. And remember, the Beatnik Shop does free delivery in New Zealand, so you can grab yourself a gift from anywhere in the country.
Chris Knox's contribution to New Zealand music is a well documented phenomenon - what less people know is how Knox helped evolve the New Zealand art scene. Now for the first time, Chris Mousdale is bringing together these ‘lo-fi’ style works, along with a detailed breakdown of what makes them so special. Knox's collection spans from record covers, to The New Zealand Listener, to powerful, never before seen art completed after his 2009 stroke. GRAFIX KNOX - The Creative works of Chris Knox 1965-2014 will put it all into a single book, with proceeds assisting the Knox family in Chris’s recovery effort.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Us too. But to get GRAFIX KNOX off the ground, we need your help. Artwork needs to be collated, people need to be interviewed, New Zealand art history researched - and that's before we even start thinking about printing!

It's a big task, so we set up a Fundnation page to make sure this amazing project happens, but it only has a limited time to go. If you haven’t pledged already, you still can. If you have pledged, help us spread the word so that GRAFIX KNOX becomes a reality!

Beat Books,
We're Go for Launch

It’s been brewing on the back element for some time now – quietly bubbling and boiling away. Now it's finally boiled over. We're thrilled to announce the production of A Little ABC Book of Poetry, our first title from the beautiful, bountiful, boutique, Beat Books self-publishing service! We think this
one's a fitting title to call the first in our self-publishing ranks. Its little audience had a little hand in it too, suggesting the animals author Jenny Palmer should write about for the poems that will call its pages their home. If you’re interested in making a Beat Book as well, you can find all the info you need on our website's self publishing section
Coming Soon: Dad's Day

The first Sunday of September. A day to reconnect with, thank, and celebrate everything about our Dads – and it’s coming up pretty fast. Father’s day is September 7th this year, if you still need to find a gift then we've got your back. Don’t Puke on Your Dad is a book any Dad can relate to, a candid, relatable, but most of all hilarious collection of memories from Toby Morris' first year of parenthood. It’s the perfect gift for any Dad, and it’s part of our Beatnik Sale range – just $19.59 for a limited time.

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