Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Great Book Robbery and the Fate of Palestine’s Private Libraries

In 1948 some 70,000 books were looted from Palestinian libraries by the state of Israel. A new documentary considers their fate and the implications of intellectual occupation.
A study of Palestinian and Israeli textbooks found not bigotry but a "lack of information about the religions, culture, economic and daily activities of the other."
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More News from Publishing Perspectives:
By incorporating trillions of calculations,, the new online bookstore financed by Hachette, Penguin and S&S, promises to apply Big Data to book discovery.
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Marc Lowenthal of Wakefield Press, a publisher of translated overlooked gems, reflects on what he looks to publish and why the US is such a tough market for translations.
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From the Archives:
Due to 60+ years of strife, writers from Israel and the Arab world do not often to translate the works of the other, but a few brave souls are challenging the taboo.
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