Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Future of Fashion: Paper by FiftyThree, WWD, Moleskine and MILK.

In January 2013 leading figures from the fashion industry gathered in New York to conceive the future of fashion. Their stories have been captured in a Moleskine Photo Book.

Using the Paper by FiftyThree iPad app, guests live sketched key moments, quotes and
personalities on their tablets during two days of talks from the likes of Marc Jacobs
and Karl Lagerfeld.

The ideas and insights which grew out of the event in turn inspired the audience to create their own responses, enabling the cycle of creativity to continue to grow. The digitally-rendered images are beautifully reproduced in a Moleskine Photo Book: it’s a riot of shared knowledge and creative collaboration through color, shade and line, drawn by hand on screen and printed on paper.

The book is the product of a collaboration between WWD, FiftyThree, Moleskine and MILK.
It contains sketches captured with Paper at the WWD CEO Summit Jan 7th and 8th. It was
printed by MOLESKINE + MILK, a Print on Demand collaboration between Moleskine and
award-winning international photography book publisher PQ Blackwell, the creator of MILK

Make your own Moleskine Photo Book here:

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