Saturday, February 09, 2013

Real reading at Tivoli

...a short list of 10 of dozens of new 'readable' books in
at Tivoli, hard on the heels of Tessa Laird's recent exhibit
of ceramic books 'Summer Reading'...

Orhan Pamuk, Silent House, Penguin, 2012
'To read Pamuk is to be converted to the cult of the book' (LA Times)
The second novel by the Nobel Laureate, author of My Name is Red.
A family gathers before the 1980 Turkish military coup.

Virginia King - Sculptor, essays by Gregory O'Brien, et al, Bateman, 2005
Part-time Waiheke resident, major artist Virginia King won the People's Choice
award at Sculpture on the Gulf, and has works at Connells Bay Sculpture Park.
Beautifully illustrated with a wide range of works.

Caitlin Moran, Moranthology, Random, 2012
Author of How to Be a Woman 'can be quite chatty on cultural, social
and political issues.' Essays include 'Libraries: Cathedrals of our Souls'.
'Everything I am is based on this ugly building' (Warstones Library,

John Grisham, The Accused, Hachette, 2012
'half the man, twice the lawyer'.

Helen Caldicott, Loving this Planet, The New Press, 2012
Subtitle: Leading Thinkers Talk about How to Make a Better World
Author of Nuclear Power is not the Answer.

Sir Ray Avery, Cameron Bennett, Adrian Malloch, The Power of Us,
New Zealanders Who Dare to Dream,
Random, 2012
'We are New Zealanders and have no respect for the status quo. We
are not fond of rules and authority. We can dream big and make our dreams
come true. This book is about us.' ( Foreward, Ray Avery). Over 50 NZers.

Samuel Pepys, The Joys of Excess, Penguin, 2011
The celebrated diarist feasting on oysters, carps and larks' tongues,
on the joys of overindulging - and the after-effects.

Jacqueline Rose, The Last Resistance, Verso, 2013
'a unique examination of Zionist identity and imagination, deftly
interweaving textual analysis, psychoanalysis and political critique.'

Sean Carroll, The Particle at the End of the Universe, Oneworld, 2012
On the 'God Particle', 'the universe's most elusive particle, the lynchpin
for everything scientists dreamed up to explain how physics works.'

Louise Yates, Dog Loves Drawing, Red Fox, 2012
By the author of TivoliLily pick Dog Loves Books.
Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.
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