Monday, February 11, 2013

Packing a bag for Mars - "packs poems of every punch and variety"

Packing a bag for Mars
Poems by James Norcliffe with notes for teachers and writing prompts for students
Illustrations by Jenny Cooper
Clersestory Press - $27

Here is the back cover blurb which nicely sums up this appealing publication:

Commissioned by the School for Young Writers, Packing a Bag for Mars packs poems of every punch and variety into a kitbag that can barely keep them contained.

The poems, along with Jenny Cooper’s witty illustrations, reveal what most teachers and nearly all pupils secretly know – that poetry can be fun to read and fun to write.

Here you’ll find poems that play, poems that pick your pocket, poems that will put a smile on your face and pepper your pizza!  For the most part they are easily accessible but in case they do puzzle and perplex at times, there are explanatory notes and a guide to the main poetic techniques used.

Even better, there is a helpful interview with  a friendly author and a writing prompt with each poem, to encourage you to pack your own bag for Mars – or anywhere else that poetry may take you.

And an endorsement:
Some of the poems in this book are new and some have appeared elsewhere, but the treatment they receive here makes them all spring from the page as if straight from a versatile author’s mind.
 Packing A Bag for Mars is the complete package for aspiring writers and working teachers seeking an understanding of the nature of poetry and a wide variety of examples to choose from.           
Rangi Faith, teacher and poet. 


Anonymous said...

And it is essential to let us know what age group it is suitable for, especially when getting free publicity on the blog.

Glyn Strange said...

Thank you for pointing that out. However, the book is designed to fit ability, not age. There are some poems and aspects that Year 5 children could easily respond to, and there are some that will appeal to senior high school. A reviewer recently recommended it highly for Years 5-9 but I think it's going to be suitable right up to at least Year 11, and secondary schools are purchasing as readily as primary and intermediate schools.

Anonymous said...

That's good to know. Bookbrainz