Monday, February 18, 2013

Money Matters: Get Your Life and $$$ Sorted

by Amanda Morrall - Penguin Books NZ - $30

The author says that her " philosophy towards personal finance is that you need to give as much care and attention to your inner wealth and well-being as you do to your budget, spending habits, savings account and net worth. When you get the two areas working in tandem, that's where you'll find your personal financial flow.
Do you want to save money but still live well? Are you dealing with a huge student loan or credit-card debt? Feel like you're locked out of the housing market? If so, my book is the answer."
Money Matters features links to online tools and a wealth of practical guidance showing how you can become::
  • become debt-free
  • save and budget successfully
  • decide whether to rent or buy your first home
  • understand KiwiSaver
  • set out on the path to financial freedom.
This could be $30 well spent !

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