Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lose Weight For Life Launched in style

Claire Turnbull from Mission Nutrition did a bit of a star turn at the launch of her book LOSE WEIGHT FOR LIFE the other evening, ensconced in the demo kitchen of Nosh Food Market’s Dominion Road store. 

Revealing her five top tips for eating and living better, Claire whipped up a delicious blueberry smoothie and crunchy salad for guests to try, the perfect complement to Regal Salmon’s canapés, St Pierre’s sushi, Pratty’s iced berry tea and Brancott Estate’s mighty fine white wines.

Claire’s editor Kate Stockman (pictured below) from Penguin Group NZ welcomed guests and officially launched her book. Kate said what a pleasure it had been to work with Claire, praising her diligence and professionalism, and marvelling at the fact that she never missed a deadline. No wonder Kate’s already signed Claire up to write book two!

Celebrating along with Claire and Penguin were some famous faces, including Monty Betham (above) and Marnie Oberer, and many friends in the media were also in attendance, foremost among them, Healthy Food Guide editor Niki Bezzant. Each guest left Nosh with a goodie bag of healthy treats, containing everything from Mother Earth nut products to low-carb chocolate bites. Yum!

 L to R: Kate Stockman (Lifestyle Editor, Penguin Group), Claire Turnbull and Lisa Fitzpatrick (Marketing Manager, Penguin Group)

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