Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hilary Mantel Lecture Leads To Outrage From Media, Prime Minister

Huff Post

Acclaimed author Hilary Mantel caused quite the stir after she described Kate Middleton as "a jointed doll on which certain rags are hung" whose "only point and purpose being to give birth." She also described the princess as "plastic" and "designed to breed."

The comments came during the multiple Booker Prize-winner's hour-long lecture for a London Review of Books event at the British Museum on February 4th. They have created a media storm in the UK - and yet the headlines hide a more complex discussion of the role of the modern monarchy in the eyes of the public and the media.

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Anonymous said...

In terms of the monarchy yes true and also applicable to so many others especially Diana Spencer.
Outrage? Haven't they got a brain between them ?