Sunday, February 10, 2013

ANNE of Green Gables has ditched her red hair and braids for a "sexy" blonde makeover - and fans are outraged.

The new cover of Anne of Green Gables, featuring a "sexy" blonde, and two earlier copies of the classic novel. picture: Supplied Source: 

Anne doesn't look like this anymore, according to a new book cover of the classic novel. Picture: Supplied Source:

Booklovers have expressed their disgust at the new cover of the children's classic which features an attractive young girl, posing coquettishly without her famous auburn hair.
The infamous red-haired 11-year-old Canadian orphan who once adorned the cover is now illustrated as a "blonde, buxom and bedroom-eyed cowgirl" on the latest edition, which is currently being sold on Amazon.
And fans weren't afraid to let their feelings be known on the online shopping site.
“The ‘Updated’ cover of this product is terrible," one customer wrote in their book review. "First of all, Anne has red hair. RED HAIR. It’s a key part of her character and is a strong influence on her words and actions.
“Secondly, Anne is 10 at the start of the series. What is up with the bedroom eyes? Did they just do a Google image search for Sexy Farmgirl? Does anyone publishing this book have any idea of what the stories are actually about?”

While another added: “This is nuts, offensive even. That cover image has to be a joke. Anne is a redhead and everyone knows that (or so I thought),” another wrote.
The New York Daily News reported that the cover girl’s “come hither expression seems more appropriate for a lurid romance" than a children's book.

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Elaine Housby said...

Words fail me. This cover is just ... UURGH! I mean, just ... AARGH! And we thought the Bell Jar was bad. Excuse me while I take to my bed and mourn the death of feminism.