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VQR Digital Subscriptions

Virginia Quarterly Review
Now available:

VQR Digital Subscriptions

VQR Digital Subscriptions

How the Digital Sub Works

Digital issues are currently available as PDFs. Within one business day after you place your digital subscription order, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the current issue of VQR. When future issues become available, you will receive notification via e-mail.

To ensure the best reading experience
VQR's digital edition is delivered as a PDF, a universal document format that works across platforms and devices. For the best possible reading experience on your desktop or laptop, we recommend using Adobe Reader, a free PDF viewing software.

VQR's digital edition can be read and stored in iBooks, Nook, and Kindle reading apps, among others, but we recommend that tablet and mobile viewers use a premium PDF reading app, such as GoodReader, for the best possible reading experience. In addition to its annotation tools, GoodReader allows you to view VQR in spreads, which is ideal for feature photographs that extend across two pages.

Features of VQR's digital PDF edition:
  • Fully bookmarked content, for easy jumping between articles
  • Fully linked content, so you can access content by clicking on front and back cover copy, the table of contents, and contributor names
  • Fully searchable content
  • Plus all hyperlinks will work when clicked if you have an active Internet connection
We are working on other digital formats. When they become available, you will receive notification on how to access any and all formats with your digital subscription.

Click here to get a digital subscription to VQR. 

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