Thursday, December 06, 2012

a couple of stocking stuffers

A fascinating compendium of great New Zealand achievements

Our fern might be silver but us Kiwis love to take that gold medal spot. First to give women the vote, first to climb Mount Everest, first to split the atom ...

But did you know that it was a Kiwi who was the first player to be sent off in a rugby test? Or that it was a Kiwi who was the first two-time world Scrabble champion? Or indeed that it was a Kiwi who invented the tranquiliser dart gun? Or that a Kiwi was the first person to free dive to 100 metres unassisted?
Great Kiwi Firsts combines the great, the good and the just plain crazy in a compendium of Kiwi ingenuity and inspiration with just a touch of stupidity.

Astral Sligo is an Auckland-based author and editor. She is the author of the bestselling Kiwi Toasties.
Allen & Unwin - $24.99

Reacher's Rules - Life Lessons from Jack Reacher
Foreword by Lee Child
Bantam Press - $24.99

Irresistible advice from Jack Reacher, the maverick former Army cop, hero of Lee Child's blockbusting thrillers: and now also starring in a major motion picture.

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