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10 Things Joan Didion Loves -Literary Fashions for Serious Book Nerds - The Best Books of 2012 According to Goodreads

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Happy birthday, Joan Didion! Today marks the 78th birthday of the legendary essayist (and very important writer), and to celebrate, we thought we’d aid everyone in their quest to become a little bit more like her by rounding up a few things she love — or at least the things we know she loves from essays and interviews. And you may be surprised — Didion loves specific books and characters, sure, but also water systems and Alcatraz Island — sensible choices for a woman who is always surprising us. After the jump, a few of Joan Didion’s favorite things. We wish her all these and more on her birthday.
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We don’t cover too much fashion here at Flavorpill, but we do very much enjoy new ways to express our lit-nerdiness, whether it’s people dressed up as literal books or fashion designers inspired by literature. Recently, we saw a dress that might be the nerdiest of them all (but also the greatest) and were inspired to hunt down a few more literary fashions, from dresses based on book covers to entire ball gowns made completely out of children’s books. Click through to see what you’d be wearing if you really liked literature (well, maybe), and let us know which outfit is your favorite in the comments.
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The winners of the Goodreads Choice Awards have just been announced, and the results are a little surprising. As Shelf Life points out, the Goodreads Choice Awards are the closest thing the literary world has to the People’s Choice Awards, with 1,156,852 votes cast by readers for their favorite books in 20 categories, including Fiction, Memoir, Poetry and YA. So we could expect that the winners would skew commercial — no snooty critic here to put in her two cents. That said, we were still rather amazed that J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy was voted as the best work of fiction of the year. Surely, the name recognition isn’t enough — nothing against Rowling, but there were so many better books in 2012. That said, other picks — like Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl for Best Mystery, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars for Best Young Adult, and Cheryl Strayed’s Wild for Best Memoir — we’re totally on board with. See the complete list of winners after the jump, and let us know what you think in the comments.
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