Friday, April 06, 2012

Striking Back Against the Amazon Empire

Publishing Perspectives

"We know the location of the Deathstar!" says New Zealand's Lisa Buchan (left), of the small publishers who are capable of fighting back against Amazon's Empire.

As a book person, so much of my life is tied up with Amazon as a consumer and a professional, but I can't help but feel skeptical of the company's role in my world.

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transpressnz said...

As a small NZ-based publisher we are quite happy about Amazon's existance - among other things:
* They provide an incentive for NZ bookshops to stock NZ books instead of overseas books
* They provide an efficient way for people to find out about books - it's easier to find one of our books on than it is on Whitcoulls or Paper Plus's websites
* they provide an incentive for retailers generally to shape up and get their act into gear - and if they don't then put them out of business as they deserve!