Tuesday, April 10, 2012

French Ties: Love, Life and Recipes

The $70 book token was burning a hole in my pocket as I approached the Village Bookshop at the Matakana Village on Easter Saturday. I didn't even get inside the door before I saw in the window the book that I was going to buy - FRENCH TIES by Jane Webster, a Penguin Viking title from Australia by the author of  the 2008 title, At My French Table. It was $70 so I happily passed over my book token.

I have only got as far as page 94 (200+ to go) but can tell you I am loving it.

'When we found this run-down château of Bosgouet, we'd been dreaming of buying a house in France for some time. We'd become obsessed with the idea of living in the French countryside, of learning a new language and traditions, and of giving our children a new perspective on the world. In 2005, we decided that we'd dreamed about it for long enough and needed to take the plunge . . . The adventure brought us together as a family more strongly than ever, and we found a sense of harmony here in the French countryside that had been hard to maintain at home in Australia.'

After years of painstaking work renovating an old château in Normandy, Jane Webster has found her bearings, running The French Table over the summers and juggling family life across two countries year-round. In this book she offers us a glimpse into life as a local in a French village: keeping house, visiting the markets, restoring the walled kitchen garden, and indulging her passion for 'antiquing' at flea markets and antique fairs. Above all, she shares the simple pleasure of cooking for family and friends – with more than 40 appealing regional recipes.I can't wait to try the marinated lamb cutlets, and one day this week for lunch I plan to make her chicken and chive sandwiches.

About the author:
Jane Webster grew up in Melbourne but has had a lifelong passion for French culture, history and food. She has participated in many culinary master classes in France, Italy and Australia. She now lives between Australia and France with her husband and four children.

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