Friday, August 17, 2007


A reminder from the IIML to those in Wellington of the next event:

20 August: Degrees of clarity - Geoff Cochrane

Geoff Cochrane has released two novels and five books of poetry with Victoria University Press since 1992, the latest of which is titled 84-484 (his grandparents’ phone number in the 50s).

Over that time he has built a following of discerning readers, but has made few public appearances. We thought it was time for an encounter with the man whose writing is ‘both stubbornly austere and wonderfully witty’, and whose conversation ‘has the range of a voracious reader and the depth of some voracious living’ (Damien Wilkins).

Poet James Brown chairs the event.

All Writers on Mondays events are open to the public and take place at City Gallery Wellington, Civic Square, at 1-2pm.
Admission is free.

For further information please see,
or call 04 463 6854.

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