Saturday, August 18, 2007


LUMINOUS Alice Tawhai $35

This is the author's second collection of short stories and like the first, Festival of Miracles, (published way back in 1995), it is dominated by raw-edged, bittersweet stories of love and sex and realtionships and race and abandonment and hope.

TIROHIA KIMIHIA - A Maori Learner Dictionary

This title marks a landmark in New Zealand book publishing as it is the first Maori monolingual dictionary and it is the first dictionary written completely in Maori for children.
Montana NZ Book Award finalist this year.

Congratulations to Huia Publishers.

The dictionary was compiled by the Huia dictionary team led by Brian Morris and comprised Mary Boyce, Jennifer Garlick, Maraea Hunia, Tamati Morris, Kararaina Uatuku, and Paranihia Walker. They were supported by Maori language advisors Te Ohorere and Wiremu Kaa.

The title means look and seek and you will find.

TE KETE KUPU - 300 Essential Words in Maori

The 300 essential words in this book and the examples of common uses have been selected from published texts in Maori for young readers.
Apparently in Maori around 300 words make up three quarters of the words used.

The Huia dictionary team mentioned above were also involved with this title which was published for the Ministry of Education by Huia Publishers. It was developed by Maraea Hunia with illustrations by Brian Gunson.
This title won the Educational section of the Spectrum Print Book Design Awards this year.

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