Monday, August 20, 2007

HEINZ BAKED BEANZ – Recipes, History, Trivia and More Hamlyn

When you are as keen on baked beans as I am then this is a book you have to own.
Baked beans on well done Vogels toast with a poached egg on top – now that is a breakfast to die for!

This entertaining small volume is well described by its subtitle as it is indeed full of recipes, history and trvia.

Canned baked beans as we know them today wre invented by Henry Heinz in Pittsburgh in 1869. In 1886 Fortnum & Mason introduced them to Britain and by 1919 they were being sold worldwide.
Today a can of Heinz baked beans (sold under the Watties label in NZ) is eaten every 14 seconds somewhere in the world, that’s 420 million cans a year.
To make all these beans Heinz uses enough tomatoes to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every day.

Great fun.

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