Friday, August 17, 2007

New Publisher Of OJ Simpson Book Offers Details

The following story in this morning from

Eric Kampmann, president and owner of Beaufort Books, the imprint that will be publishing the once thwarted OJ Simpson book, If I Did It on October 3 gave us exclusive new details about the book: Fred and Kim Goldman have already written their commentary.
The book will also include two yet-to-be announced "important chapters written by "non family member" contributors. A disgruntled cop from the case? A cable news talking head looking for some well timed publicity?

There are plenty of suspects but for now Kampmann is staying mum. He and his imprint, which by his own admission, has been "largely dormant" since the nineties, is now in the middle of a media maelstrom. "I guess my anonymity is gone," he says.

After sparring with Denise Brown on the Today show on Wednesday (he swears he had "a pleasant conversation" with her after the on air dust up), Kampmann reports — only half jokingly — that "all the people who have hated me in the last eighteen years have come out of the woodwork. I'm enjoying their hate filled rants. I'm glad they're well."
He better get used to it because Denise Brown isn't going away and is trying to mobile a public campaign against the book on her blog says Kampmann: "I'll never be able to change Denise's mind about the book. I understand her point of view but sympathize with the Goldmans."


George du Maurier said...

Steets talk says the likelihood
Ron Goldman wanted O.J. for himself and killed Nichole in the jealous rage is VERY high.

Despite everything, now, O.J.'s been awarded the ghetto's most acclaimed and controversial Bragging Rights opening him up to receive lucrative donations for appearances, speeches and performances he might engage in.

Anonymous said...

OJ KILLED Ron & Nicole -- you gotta check this out, it’s the analysis of his confession: