Thursday, August 16, 2007


When I discovered that the Spanish term for retired people was los jubilados, I knew that we two oldies were going to enjoy our trip. Friends for nigh on 60 years, we had been talking about a trip to Spain for a couple of years. Mary - because her travels had included Spanish-speaking South America, but never Spain. Me - to add another chapter to my love affair with Spain that spanned half a century.

So begins TEA WITH MY TAPAS by Judith Doyle to be published by Renaissance Publishing on 10 September.

The author had developed a fascination with Cervantes' tale of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza and so she and her companion took up Sancho's statement as their motto - "'s a fine thing to be out looking for things to happen, crossing mountains, searching forests, climbing peaks, visiting castles, and staying in inns wherever you please....".

So off they set following their wacky footseps in La Mancha and thus begins an entertaining and delightful account of their adventures.

Doyle is an experienced travel writer and this frank and absorbing look at Spain today is a must-read for those heading to Spain on holiday. particularly if you are jubilada.
The book includes colour photos, balck & white art reproductions and several useful maps.

Remember publication 10 September.

Author pic from the Fourcorners website.

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