Monday, September 05, 2016

VUP announce new novel from Tim Wilson

Tom Milde is back! Set in summer of 2007 in New York, Tim Wilson's The Straight Banana is a sequel to his 2014 novel, News Pigs, and features once again his intrepid and flailing reporter, Tom Milde. Satirical, energetic and fast-paced, Wilson said he wanted the write the kind of book that he'd like to read:

"One that mimics the junky energy of Allen Ginsberg's poem 'Howl' and New York itself, a place where half a morning on the streets can leave you feeling like you've been on an all-night Scotch binge."

As for the suggestion that Milde is Wilson, Wilson said, "I've botched stories, like Tom; my first job for TVNZ was a total washout. I've read widely, but without depth. I know what a bar looks like at 9.10pm; 11.20pm; 1.45am and 3.38am. Aside from these trifling coincidences, this is a work of pure imagination."
The Straight Banana is released on 8 October. p/b, $30.

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