Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Sales, Earnings Fell by Double-Digits at PRH
A decline in e-book sales plus the lack of a mega-bestseller led to sales and earnings both falling by just over 10% at Penguin Random House in the first six months of 2016.
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The Subversive Superheroes of Indie Comics
How self-published comics are giving writers more freedom and gaining readers.
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Balancing the Books at Yale UP in London: The departure of highly respected editors has led to a "sense of shock" at the restructuring of Yale University Press in London.

Lena Dunham's New Story Collection: The 'Girls' star and 'Not That Kind of Girl' author is working on 'Best and Always,' to be published by Random House next year.

The Punk Rock Gilmore Girls Book Group: Cookies and wine at WORD bookstore with Legs McNeil, the author of the punk rock classic 'Please Kill Me.'

A Treasure Trove of Kid's Lit: Enter an archive of 6,000 historical children’s books, all digitized and free to read online.

About That Ouija Board: How James Merrill biographer Langdon Hammer summoned the poet's metaphorical spirit in his home.


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