Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sky Arts October programmes of interst to book lovers


Thursdays from 13 October, 9pm

Comedy Shorts

Neil Gaiman is a prolific author whose work has readily been adapted for both the big and small screens (Stardust, Coraline, American Gods). For his Likely Stories he has created a wonderful anthology series, with slightly surreal, gothic human elements and a somewhat magical take on reality. Some characters appear in different episodes, but each story can stand-alone.

Episode 1: Thursday 13 October, 9pm: Foreign Parts features Simon, (George McKay, Captain Fantastic) a lonely young man who hasn’t had sex for years but who mysteriously contracts a sexually transmitted disease.

Episode 2: Thursday 20 October, 9pm:  Feeders and Eaters is a slightly spooky love story that sees a young Eddie (Tom Hughes, About Time) being eaten, bit-by-bit, by his very old girlfriend (Rita Tushingham, A Taste of Honey) who needs fresh meat to survive.

Episode 3: Thursday 27 October, 9pm:  Looking for the Girl sees world-famous photographer Dean (Kenneth Cranham, Layer Cake) tell an interviewer the strange story of his life and the woman that is his muse.

Episode 4: Thursday 3 November, 9pm: Closing Time listens in on a young writer (Johnny Vegas, Ideal) in a private member's club, recounting a scary story about something strange that happened to him as a child.
Thursdays from 13 October, 8.30pm
Literature Discussion
Now in its tenth season, The Book Club gathers together booklovers for literary debate and discussion. Hosted by Jennifer Byrne, with regular panellists Marieke Hardy and Jason Steger, each episode is a robust and passionate discussion covering one new release book, and one favourite brought by a panellist.
Thursday 13 October, 8.30pm: Sydney Writers' Festival headliner Jeanette Winterson joins Jennifer Byrne to discuss Dominic Smith's “The Last Painting of Sara De Vosthe” and Emily Bronte's “Wuthering Heights”. Includes a live performance by Paul Kelly.
Thursday 20 October, 8.30pm: The ‘Books That Changed My Life’ special, featuring Sydney Writers' Festival guests Marlon James, Paula Hawkins, Kate Tempest and Vivian Gornick.
Thursday 27 October, 8.30pm: Guests Ben Law and Omar Musa join Jennifer Byrne to discuss Graham Swift's "Mothering Sunday" and Alison Bechdel's graphic novel


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