Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New books from Massey University Press

A future in the mountains, the future of our regions . . .
Two terrific new Massey University Press books hit the stores this week, and we are really proud of them both.

To the Summit powerfully describes Nick Allen’s determination that having multiple sclerosis would not stop him getting out into the back country and the mountains he loves. He proved that pretty definitively by climbing a Himalayan peak last year. His candid, joyful book is a delight.

In Rebooting the Regions, Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley marshals a coterie of expert demographers and planners to show that in many New Zealand regions population decline is inevitable, and irresistible. But if regional leaders take the right approach, this does not have to mean the end of economic prosperity. Trouble is, not all of them are yet awake to that. As the steamroller of Auckland grinds on, this book is essential reading.


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