Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ants 'N' Uncles

Clay Rice
RRP $24.99 HB,   
Familius: Children’s Picture Book

From award-winning author and silhouette artist Clay Rice comes ANTS 'N' UNCLES, the rhyming tale of an accidental hero. What happens when Uncle steps on an ant hill? The ants in his pants make him dance, of course, and his dancing skills become famous around the world.
Filled with scenes from countries and cultures around the globe, this lively, silly story is sure to delight both children and parents.

As one of the foremost silhouette artists in the world, Clay tours the world giving lectures and workshops on the art of paper cutting. Silhouette artistry and storytelling have been in Clay Rice’s family for more than eighty years. His grandfather, Carew Rice, also travelled worldwide, sharing his mesmerizing cut-outs with delighted customers. 

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