Monday, September 12, 2016

All or Nothing


All or Nothing

Bringing balance to the achievement-oriented personality

Mike McKinney          

Publisher: Exisle Publishing, Publication date:  12 September 2016, RRP $34.99

Christchurch psychologist shows us how to bring our ‘A’ game - without burning out ourselves or those around us
All or Nothing, written by Christchurch clinical psychologist Mike McKinney, shows you how to understand and get the best for and from a person with an ‘all or nothing’ nature. If this personality style is your own, All or Nothing will be truly helpful in getting the best for you.

In All or Nothing, the author looks at how this personality style can develop (for example, a deep fear of failure, a desire to please others, childhood expectations that you ‘always do your best’). More importantly, the book explores how balance can be brought to the ‘all or nothing’ personality so that the best aspects of it can be retained while the potential negatives are mitigated, resulting in a more meaningful and rewarding life.

Armed with the self-knowledge and tools provided in this insightful book, the most driven and focused will find a way to develop a more multifaceted life, a way to shine brightly without burning out. For those who live or work with people with the ‘all or nothing’ personality, Mike’s insights will foster understanding of how to be supportive without enabling ‘less-than-helpful’ behaviours.

About the Author: Mike McKinney is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist with the Pain Management Centre, Burwood Hospital in Christchurch and is now working as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice at PsycInsight NZ Ltd. Over the years he has become intrigued by the potential for an individual’s personality style to affect decisions and behaviours in relation to achievement. 

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