Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A poem for Tuesday - "Between Birdsong and Nothing

"Between Birdsong and Nothing

The lizard-skinned woman from the candy cane house hugged wine in her
hands and cried,

− there are no birds
− the birds have gone..."

© Nod Ghosh

"Between Birdsong and Nothing" was first published in Leaving the Red Zone, (ed. J Norcliffe, J Preston; Clerestory Press) the poetry anthology brought out earlier this year to mark the fifth anniversary of the February 22 earthquake.

The 6th anniversary of September 4, 2010, has just slipped by and Helen Lowe has featured Ghosh's poem today because of how well it "...captures the mix of shock and dislocation, and the juxtaposition of the real and surreal that characterised" the Christchuch earthquake period.

To read the poem in full and Lowe's commentary, click on:


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