Monday, October 27, 2014

On the Edge by Linley Jones


  On the Edge is a good book for readers aged eleven to fifteen years.
   In this story twelve-year old Brady has to overcome his fear of heights, as the school has got a new climbing wall. Unfortunately for him, he gets dizzy two rungs up a ladder, and with Stan Mackersley, the school bully, watching him it gets a lot harder. If he has trouble doing that, then what will happen when there’s a bigger challenge facing him?
  What I liked about On the Edge, was every problem had a reasonable solution and I liked that there was nothing that didn’t make sense.  And I found no spelling or grammar mistakes either.
  What I didn’t like so much was that as soon as one problem had a solution, another problem occurred. This happens five times in a row, which makes six problems and most stories only have two to four.
   It is an attractive-looking book with a good colourful cover.
  I really liked this book but would recommend it to slightly older kids than I am (10). Though it’s about a boy, two other main characters are girls, and girl readers will like the book too.

Review by ZoeZoe is a primary school pupil from Wellington 
On the Edge, by Linley Jones
Publisher: AM Publishing New Zealand
ISBN: 978-0-9922628-3-9
Paperback: 164 pages. Rec Retail: $20.00
Available: Total Library Solutions; Wheeler Books;

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