Thursday, October 30, 2014



What do  …
John Anderson, Bruce Ansley, Gray Bartlett, Tim Beaglehole, Peter Bland, Jack Body, Peter Bromhead, Brent Clothier, Andrew Drummond, Paul Dykzeul, Tom Everitt, Ian Ferguson, Rodger Fox, Garth Gilmour, Glyn Harper, David Hartnell, George Henare, Sir Michael Hill, Wally Hirsh, Rod Jackson, Rhys Jones, Ruud Kleinpaste, Jack Leigh, Bob McDavitt, David McKegg, Precious Mackenzie, Bill Manhire, Les Mills, Kevan Moore, Sandy Moore, Ian Mune, Denis O’Reilly, Onny Parun, Jock Phillips, Ken Ring, Geoff Robinson, Peter Roche, Wynton Rufer, Lloyd Scott, Sam Sefuiva, Merv Smith, Nick Spill, Stephen Stratford, Malcolm Walker, Ranginui Walker, Vincent Ward, Eric Watson, and Jon Zealando have in common?

They’re all irate about something, sounding off on topics from punctuation to politics, impertinence to impotence and many more, in the sequel to the popular Grumpy Old Men. These grumps are even more controversial, hard-hitting, funny and just plain grumpy than the last lot. This is the perfect Christmas gift for grumpy old men or grumpy old men in training.

Available late October. RRP $34.99 inc GST. 240 pp plus cover. 213 x 170mm. ISBN 978-0-473-28411-4. / 09 378 1329 / 021 372 880 / Skype pclittle1 / Twitter PCLittle / PO Box 78-361, Grey 

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