Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Publishing is Seriously Nostalgic About Comics, But Why?

Using Sean Howes’ biography of Marvel Comics as a prism, Daniel Kalder considers the fate of comics, a declining art that makes billions in merchandise and movies.
What is the future of the comic book format? Will it go all digital? Continue its slow decline? Disappear? Or is due for a nostalgic revival like so much else?
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More News from Publishing Perspectives:
This month's starred BlueInk reviews of self-published books include gripping dystopian fiction, the memoir of a medical doctor, and a ski resort thriller.
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The work of the book business' most imaginative, funny and prolific blurber, author Gary Shteyngart, gets immortalized in a new documentary narrated by Jonathan Ames.
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From the Archives:
"People don’t revere the old comics enough," says Manuel Morin, owner of Paris’ BD Spirit, which offers 50-80,000 titles, many of them collectors items.
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