Monday, January 21, 2013

Piracy fears over Dotcom's new site

Radio New Zealand 21 January, 2013

The head of one of New Zealand's most successful television production companies says Kim Dotcom's new file storage site is no friend to the creative industries. was launched at 6.48am on Sunday, a year after the raid on his mansion in which Mr Dotcom was arrested to face copyright fraud charges and his previous site Megaupload shut down.
Kim Dotcom speaks to media at the launch.
Kim Dotcom speaks to media at the launch.

The site is technically different to its predecessor but many commentators say sharing illegal content is still just as likely.
On the website, file-sharing is still possible between users but all content is encrypted so the site's management cannot see what is being uploaded and exchanged. Users will have a code that they can share with anyone to unlock the files.

South Pacific Pictures chief executive John Barnett says the site will undermine New Zealand's creative industries and encourage piracy.
Mr Barnett said he has seen nothing to suggest the new site will be any better for those who own content that may be illegally shared.

Full piece at Radio New Zealand

Footnote: The Bookman shares John Barnbett's fears. Authors should be very concerned.

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