Thursday, January 10, 2013

Honours go to United States in writing competition

Judge Fiona Cooper has selected her winners for the November 2012 Global Short Story Competition and writers from the United States have taken the honours.

The £100 first prize goes to a writer from Walla Walla, Wa. Fiona says of The Hobo by Martin McCaw: “Atmospheric and haunting, this story has a cinematic quality. the writer simply states what is happening, with a remarkable economy of language which only makes the story richer. It is a little like a movie shot in sepia - the subtleties are intriguing and the unanswered questions make it linger on long after the first read. Well done.”

The £25 highly commended prize goes to Daniel Fortner of Thomasville, Georgia, for Shell for Shell, of which Fiona says: “This is a great story, epitomising the wonderful contradictions between childhood and maturity. Convincing and unsentimental, it satisfied on many levels. I was on the turtles’ side as well!”

The writers on the shortlist (from five countries) were:
Janet Duignan, Rouffignac St Cernin, France
Irina Haugane, Oslo, Norway
Ian Smith, Glasgow Scotland
Georgia Minoa Nicolaou, Larnaca, Cyprus
Robin Lewis, York, England
E Palmer, Oxford, England

Stories can be entered into the competition at
Winning stories can be found at the same address or

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