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12 articles with simple tips for ebook newbies

Ebook tips for newbies | Ebook Friendly

Many people around the world are getting interested in ebooks. One of the most challenging tasks is to quickly learn ebook basics without getting stuck in technical issues. Unfortunately, most of articles on the web are still not ebook tips but device reviews.
Ebooks are not only about devices. It’s like claiming that paper books are about paper. Ebook Friendly was launched at the beginning of 2010 with a simple motto – to make users enjoy electronic books, by spreading advice on how to get, read, and manage them. During two years we shared well over 600 posts in our Tips & more section.

The articles I’ve selected from this pretty large variety of tips and tricks, are in most cases simple lists. In each one you can quickly go through headings to find a topic, tool, or little piece of advice that you’ll find useful.
Before we’ll move to the list, I would also like to share with you one more thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything what’s useful were simple, free from distractions and collected in a single page? That’s the idea behind our handy pages that list most important links in specific areas:

Recent ebook deals - Kindle Daily Deal, Nook Daily Find, price drops in the iTunes Book category, ebook-related deals from LogicBuy, Amazon Gold Box, and more,
News from top ebook sites - on this single page you’ll go through recent posts from most popular ebook sites: The Digital Reader, TeleRead, Good E-reader, Publishing Perspectives, and GalleyCat/AppNewser,
Quick links to Kindle Store - Amazon’s ebookstore simplified: you’ll find here links to major sections, but also most popular RSS feeds that you can subscribe to,
Quick links to Nook Store - same as for Kindle Store – it’s a good starting point to browse most interesting sections in Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store (which you can’t find that easy in the Nook Store),
Quick links to Kobo Store - Kobo has relatively the simplest website to explore, but you may find this page useful if you want to quickly compare the content of the three biggest ebookstores.
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If you don’t want to miss any of the new posts, get free updates from Ebook Friendly – by RSS or email. And now - the list of articles, Please leave us a hint in the comments what kind of tips you want us to discuss in the future. Thanks!

12 articles with ebook tips for newbies

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