Sunday, November 18, 2012

Virginia Quarterly Review

Virginia Quarterly Review
From our Fall 2012 issue:

Do Men & Women Live in Irreconcilable Moral Universes?

The lead piece in our Fall 2012 issue has received attention from The New York Times as well as Arts & Letters Daily. It's called "Is There Such a Thing as the Female Conscience?" by Jean Bethke Elshtain. A brief snippet:

Does difference mean that a male and a female live in irreconcilable moral universes and will always find it difficult to agree? Or is the female conscience, if one assumes such exists, complementary to the male’s (and vice versa), and the two together make up a coherent moral whole? On these questions, nineteenth century feminists—leaders of the woman suffrage movement—were torn. Some stressed universality, in which men’s and women’s goals were essentially the same. Others urged a strong pitch for women’s difference, if not moral superiority. There were feminist thinkers and rhetoricians who argued both theses with scant regard for rigorous consistency.

You can read the entire piece at our website, or buy the Fall 2012 issue.

On Being a Female Reporter

One of our contributing editors, Delphine Schrank, describes what it's like to be a female in the field.
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