Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moving the impossible over the impassable

 How do you shift an 80 tonne bridge across the Southern Alps with a handful of men, an old bulldozer and the most basic of machinery? You set the task to a Kiwi heavy haulier and don’t ask how.
Bee Dawson’s Mighty Moves is a tribute to generations of Kiwi hauliers and house-movers who, no matter the challenge, got the job done.   
“This is a group of incredible Kiwi men and women. Their determination and creative approach to hauling enormous loads across New Zealand’s toughest terrain is nothing short of inspiring,” says Bee.
 “I’ve been amazed by the passion and proud history of the heavy haul community - it’s a real pleasure to share their story with New Zealand.”

The book, commissioned by the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association, records our greatest moves in a rich collection of photographs and interviews. 
Bee comments that the heavy haul folk lore in Mighty Moves is a testament to the attitude of the community.
“From Northland to Southland, young and old alike, I came away with an unmistakable impression of heavy hauliers – the tougher the job, the better they like it!”

Mighty Moves is published by Wairau Press and is available at Whitcoulls for $29.99. This is a big hardback book so this rrp is clearly heavily subsidised by the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association. A bargain if you are interested in this subject.

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