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Located in Dunedin, New Zealand, Kilmog Press creates small edition, beautifully handmade books. Covers are created from individually hand dyed papers and illustrated with woodblock prints all handcrafted in-house. Kilmog writers are selected for innovative and original poetry and prose, often outside the commercial mainstream.
The Press also produces limited edition, hand numbered art catalogues. The books are currently available from Parsons Books in Auckland and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

Martin Edmond
June 2010
Edition of 70, Hardback, 52 pages, hand dyed and illustrated cover
ISBN 978-0-9864616-4-4
RRP: $45.00

In this collection Martin Edmond explores the realms of hypnogeography; the places we go when we dream - asleep or awake. Edmond’s prose travels through historical landscapes and encounters with the dead, via his unique blend of the surreal and what is commonly termed ‘reality’.

About the author:
Martin Edmond was born in Ohakune, New Zealand and now lives in Sydney. He has published fourteen books of poetry, biography, autobiography, essays and art history; has been involved in theatre; and worked in the film industry.  Edmond has been the recipient of significant awards and fellowships, and in 2009 published Zone of the Marvellous: In Search of the Antipodes. He recently completed a short residency at the Michael King Writers’ Centre in Devonport.

Other recent publications:

A Fistful of Moonbeams , 
Emeniano Acain Somoza Jr.
March 2010
Edition of 50, Hardback, 28 pages, woodblock cover illustration
ISBN 978-0-9864567-9-4
RRP: $45.00

This, Somoza’s first poetry chapbook is a sampling of his lyrical and expressive work. Through longer verse and short, striking prose poems, the author manages to effortlessly evoke the beauty of even the mundane, capturing situations and characters in vivid pen portraits.

About the Author:
Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr is a communications Officer in the Middle East. Although foremost a fictionist, he is also a poet, an essayist and a playwright. Somoza hails from Siquijor Island in the Philippines. His writing has been widely published in his home country and internationally. He received a degree in Bachelor of Mass Communication from the University of the City of Manila and masteral units in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

Ophelia in Harlem,
 Michelle Cahill
May 2010
Edition of 50, Hardback, 36 pages. Individually hand dyed and printed covers
ISBN: 978-0-9864616-1-3
RRP: $45.00

Ophelia in Harlem is Michelle Cahill’s second collection of poetry. Her expertly crafted poems lend an autobiographical voice to the complexities of modern female experience, yet never lapse into sentimentality. Cahill’s intense emotional scrutiny of people is balanced by a delicate but wry humour, leaving the reader with an almost palpable sense of an event, as in the poem ‘Girlfreind’ “but when you leave/the night inhales/ Givenchy & trumpet lilies”

About the Author:

Michelle Cahill is a Goan-Anglo-Indian writer who lives in Sydney and writes poetry and fiction. Her debut collection, The Accidental Cage (Interactive Press) was short-listed in the 2007 Judith Wright Prize. In 2009 she received a Literature Board residency grant in fiction at Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi. Her poems have recently appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Crannóg Magazine, Drunken Boat and Asia Literary Review. She was highly commended in the 2009 Blake Poetry Prize.

Small Time Spectre, 

Miro Bilbrough
May 2010,
Edition of 70, Hardcover, 40 pages. Woodblock print cover & dust jacket
ISBN 978-0-9864616-2-0
RRP: $45.00

This collection of poems by Miro Bilbrough traces enigma, incongruity and tenderness in the local and the exotic. A flâneur of intimacies, the observing eye here is close, curious, sometimes ironic; ever-alert to the way an image can become the bearer of uncanny emotional truth.

 About the Author:

Miro Bilbrough was born in New Zealand where she trained as a curator of contemporary art and was art critic for ‘The Evening Post’. Since migrating to Australia in 1990 she has been a regular contributor of poetry to ‘Sport’. A screenwriter and director whose award-winning short films include ‘Urn’, ‘Bartleby’ and the short feature ‘Floodhouse’, she currently teaches screenwriting at International Film School Sydney.

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