Monday, May 11, 2009

Jan Bilton – Irvine Holt - $20

More than 20 years ago Jan Bilton published her Tamarillo Cookbook. It has been out of print for some years but because of the growing interest in tamarillos from both professional chefs and home cooks she has created an all new edition. Only the title remains unchanged!

Tamarillos are in season right now here in New Zealand (and I love them) so this morning I was able to make the very first, and very simple, recipe in the book – Tamarillo Breakfast Buzz.
I have though always thought of tamarillos as a dessert or breakfast dish so I was surprised and delighted to find loads of recipes from Jan for using them as part of main courses with pizza, pasta with beef, lamb, pork, burgers, and of course in a host of pudding recipes as well.
Tamarillos can be poached, grilled, casseroled, baked, frozen and fried so they are extremely versatile and the great thing is they retain that lovely colour even when cooked.

A wee, truly useful gem of a book, and only $20. How do they do it?

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Lee said...

and they make a great sauce too (as in plum sauce, but I think even better)...
We grow them commercially so thanks for the notification of this new edition. Your blog is just endless in its usefulness and relevance to my life!!!