Thursday, February 28, 2008


Cooking programmes have become enormously popular over recent years but few of them deal with the kind of food that we eat on an everyday basis.

Not so Kiwi Kitchen, the entertaining and informative TV programme that is currently in its second series (Saturday nights at 7pm on TVOne).
Over the 10 episodes in the new series presenter Richard Till explores the length and breadth of New Zealand ferreting out local people who are handy in the kitchen persuading them to share their recipes for everyday ‘Kiwi tucker’ and, as often as not, the history behind their particular dish.
Now, Bookman Beattie is thrilled to learn there is to be a colourful and entertaining book based on the currently screening second series, and in it are all the featured recipes including home-made pies, substantial salads, fritters, boil-ups, afternoon tea goodies, deliciously rib-sticking after-dinner treats such as trifle and jam pudding and much more divided into 10 chapters each based on a full episode. Richard Till’s humorous observations run alongside the recipes, all of which are photographed in full colour.
Being a great fan of Richard Till's cooking I cannot wait to get my hands on his forthcoming book.

Here are the details:
Format: 240 x 215mm, 144pp, full colour
Binding: limp
Pub date: Late March/early April 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9582635-6-6
RRP: $34.99
Distribution: via Forrester Books
Sales: via Booksrus

About the Author
An ex-restaurateur, Christchurch-based Richard Till writes regularly for ‘Zest’, the food and wine section of the Christchurch Press. His six-part series on ‘How to make the Most of Your Kitchen’ has just started in the ‘Escape’ section of the Sunday Star Times.

In 2007 Kiwi Kitchen won the NZ Guild of Food Writers Ocean Spray Electronic Media Award for the way it ‘celebrated food, through wonderful people, characters and the revitalising of recipes discovered’. Richard is also a regular guest on National Radio’s Nine till Noon’s ‘Sounds Delicious’ food slot.

About the publisher
Kiwi Kitchen is published by Renaissance Publishing, established in 2004 by Renée Lang.
As well as publishing several books a year under the Renaissance imprint, Renee also operates a very busy book packaging business. Her clients include New Holland, Penguin and David Bateman.
Prior to setting up Renaissance, Renee was publishing manager at New Holland (which opened its doors in New Zealand in early 1998) where she helped build the list from the ground up commissioning and working with a number of well-known food writers including Julie Biuso, Alison and Simon Holst, Ray McVinnie, Glynn Christian, Jan Bilton, Penny Oliver and Alessandra Zecchini and photographers such as Ian Batchelor, Kieran Scott and Shaun Cato-Symonds.

Renee’s publishing experience over the last 30 years also includes stints at Tandem Press, Penguin, Pacific Publishers (the publishing arm of Whitcoulls when that organisation still had its own list) and Macmillan.


Anonymous said...

This is great news. Till is excellent and got me started on a tea-towel collection

Margaret said...

I agree this is GREAT news. I have been so hoping someone would persuade him he should publish a book. I am a great fan and so enjoy his down-to-earth real dinkum Kiwi approach.
Good on your Renaissance Publishing and thank you Bookman Beattie for the advance notice. I'm going to phone my bookselller to order a copy right now.

Sid Somerset said...

I agree with artandmylife and Margaret about this being great news. This guy Till is a quiet genius with a real skill for getting alongside ordinary folk. I love his tv personality and am so thrilled there is going to be a book.

Lee said...

Yeah me big fan too. Went to see him speak at the Tauranga Arts Festival. Was fun. Admission price was $5 or a plate of home baking. The result was the typical kiwi groaning trestle table loaded with butterfly cakes, scones, and the like.

Diana Korchien said...

I'm trying to locate the whereabouts of Glynn Christian or failing that his agent. The internet has not been very helpful this time.

Bookman Beattie said...

Diana if you contact Renee Lang, Richard Till's publisher, at

she will be able to help you.