Friday, January 11, 2019

The Roundup with PW

Long Live the Millions: The Millions will live on, but the indie book blog is dead, 'Vulture' argues in a new piece on PW's recent acquisition.

How Literary Publicity Works: In this episode of the 'Fiction/Non/Fiction/ podcast, publicists and writers discuss how books and authors get attention.

A Look at Interior Book Design: We all know that cover design matters, but the visual elements of a book don’t stop at the jacket.

Ishmael Reed's Anti-'Hamilton' Play: In 'The Haunting of Lin-Manuel Miranda,' Reed revives an old debate over Hamilton’s slave-owning past and more.

James Baldwin Writes About Love: Baldwin wrote on how emotional connection could help heal America’s racial divides—but also on the bonds that held black people together.

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