Thursday, June 08, 2017

'How to Feel About Amazon Bookstores'

Shelf Awareness
"And while Amazon's model will certainly continue to appeal to a subset of readers and bookstore customers, the market for independent bookstores is growing, thanks in no small part to distaste for the canned culture of algorithmically derived recommendations. Some customers will always prefer to buy their goods from people they know and recognize, people in their community, people whose passion they support. Passion for books, that is, not for market share.
"I'm the first to admit that I wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to independent bookstores. But if I'm going to take them off, it'll be because a human being that I know and trust convinces me to, not because my e-commerce shopping cart recommends it."

--Robert Martin, director of operations for the Midwest Independent Booksellers Association, in a piece for Medium headlined "How to Feel About Amazon Bookstores"

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