Friday, June 02, 2017

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Baltimore Book Festival Cancels Rachel Dolezal Appearance After Protests

“A top priority of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts is to listen to our constituents, and after hearing from a cross-section of opinions on having Rachel Dolezal participate in this year’s festival, we had to consider how her appearance may affect both the audience and the other extraordinary authors we have planned for the Baltimore Book Festival. For that reason, we believe it would be appropriate to remove Ms. Dolezal from the festival line up.”

An Explanation (Sort Of) For The Sudden Mass Exodus From The Brooklyn Rail

In mid-May, the respected culture journal announced, with no explanation, that the entire board of directors and senior staff, as well as half a dozen other staffers, were leaving the following week. Since then, Rail co-founder Phong Bui has reclaimed his former title of Publisher and said that he has hired new staff and plans to double the pay for freelance reviewers by the end of this year. As for his former colleagues, Bui says, “I think people agree that stepping down is the way to let me rebuild the Rail the way I see it.”

Amazon’s Latest Bookstore Is No Threat – It’s Just Dumb

“It’s hard to spend an hour in this antiseptic and bewildering store, as I did last week, and see it as an existential threat to anything. At best, it’s a bland attempt at brick-and-mortar retail. At worst, it reflects a company that’s grown so large—and so insanely profitable—that it doesn’t know what to do with itself.”

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