Tuesday, May 09, 2017

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Sticking up for artists.

From left to right: Prabha Mallya (aka Fish-Kitty), Gabs Tiongson (aka DIKO), Armin Riedel (aka Action Bronco), Chris Hutchinson (aka Chippy), Vincent Elizabeth Konrad
We believe art belongs to the people – so it makes sense to stick it where the public will see it. Our nationwide street postering network means we can provide artists with a platform to get their art out on the streets and in front of tens of thousands of people.

The Phantom Art Project will offer 40 emerging New Zealand artists per year the opportunity to get their work in front of the public via the medium of street posters. 10 artists per quarter will be selected, with their work brightening the streets of New Zealand in Phantom Billstickers’ high-profile frames around the country.

We used our own medium to solicit entries and received such a massive response that we’ve decided to make what was intended as a one off print run a permanent fixture on our postering calendar. The first 10 winners are out on the streets of Aotearoa now.
The artists featured are the ones to watch in New Zealand's modern art scene, with a gallery of accolades between them. We expect these unique talents to continue to pull out all the stops and hone their craft, capturing audiences' attentions all over the country and worldwide. Phantom Billstickers is incredibly proud and privileged to work with these amazing artists. Click here If you're interested in learning more about our Phantom Art project. 

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