Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NZ author Helen Lowe, longlisted for UK Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel 2016

Daughter of Blood, by NZ author Helen Lowe, has been longlisted for the UK Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel 2016, alongside such internationally known names as Terry Brooks, Guy Gavriel Kay, NK Jemison, and Brandon Sanderson. The UK/Australia/New Zealand book cover is also nominated for a separate award, the Ravenheart, for Best Cover Art.

 The Awards were established to honor epic fantasy author David Gemmell, following his death in 2006, and were first awarded in 2009. The three award categories -- Best Novel (Legend),  Best Newcomer (Morningstar), and Best Cover Art (Ravenheart) -- are all named for Gemmell novels and focus on works in the epic fantasy aka heroic fantasy subgenre that David Gemmell made his own.

 Once a longlist has been curated the Gemmell Awards are open to public vote -- and voting is now on for the shortlist of 5 books (closing on 31 March). To find out more or "get in behind" a NZ book abroad, follow these links:

 The direct link to the voting page is here:

Otherwise go to http://www.gemmellawards.com/ to read all about it.

Note: For keen voters, to complete the voting process it's necessary to scroll to the bottom of the longlist and click “Vote.” "

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