Thursday, October 20, 2016

Write to Centre - navigating life with gluestick and words



Haunui Press - RRP $35                             by Helen Lehndorf

This lo-fi guide to journaling in a hi-tech world from long-time creative journal-er, Helen Lehndorf, seeks to nurture the knack of collaging your life (no computer needed). 

Most people hide their journals and diaries away but in this book, Helen invites you into hers. She offers an intimate peek into her lifelong habit of keeping a journal, complete with colourful excerpts from her journals, contemplations on what a journal can be and writing ideas to inspire readers to pick up or begin their own personal writing practice.

Visually rich, insightful and fearlessly creative, this book will change the way you see journal keeping.

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Helen Lehndorf

A Palmerston North-based poet, creative writing tutor, yoga and meditation teacher, Helen’s colourful, towering stack of journals (amassed over a twenty three-year love affair with the art of journaling) provide the raw material and inspiration for this book and the Art of Journaling workshops she teaches.

Helen is on Facebook & Instagram– search for Helen Lehndorf/#writetothecentre

Helen’s words made it onto the printed page thanks to support from the Earle Creativity Trust

 102 pages | full colour illustrations| paperback | A4 format | ISBN: 978-0-473-36777-0

And have a look at - (The Dancing Gluesticks) in video format  you can link to online via      

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