Monday, October 31, 2016

Capturing Light - Roy Miller New Zealand Stained Glass Artist

What a stunning book. I'm not surprised to learn it took the author over three years to compile.

TITLE:                      CAPTURING LIGHT -             Roy Miller - New Zealand Stained Glass Artist
AUTHOR               Brian Miller     

First book to showcase stained glass windows from  churches throughout New Zealand.
      Roy Miller was New Zealand’s leading stained glass artist from the 1950s until 1981

•     Background history to the art of stained glass worldwide
            Overview of early Dunedin stained glass artists 
    Database provides location to all windows
      Importance of correct techniques for conserving historic stained glass artworks

Roy Miller, in his family signwriting business in Dunedin, began making stained glass windows after World War 2 - a career that would span three decades and result in about 300 windows in over 100 churches scattered across NZ. He became the foremost stained glass artist in New Zealand during that period. Stained glass windows (unlike leadlight) require the collaboration of an artist to design the window along with an artistic craftsman to actually produce the window. Most of the windows are in full public view - but the designers and creators of these artworks are often unrecognised. This well researched book at last brings into the open the lives and the talents of many of these artists and designers associated with the work of Roy Miller.

 Brian Miller (BSc) is the author of several top-selling books, including ‘The Highlands of Papua New Guinea’ and ‘Digital Cameras the easy way’. Author of ‘Moments in Time - Ralph Miller - Artist’ and co-author of ‘Otago Central Rail Trail - easy guide’.

 PUBLICATION DETAILS :                                             
   LIFELOGS LTD           P O BOX 39 DUNEDIN NZ 9054                                          
   PRICE           $69.99   
   FORMAT       270 x 210  mm Pb - French Flaps
   EXTENT        272 pp 
   ILLUS/N        354 Colour images and 18 Black & White photos. 
   ISBN                978-0-9922457-1-9                                                                                                                          


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