Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Roundup with PW

After Ferrante Identity Unmasking, Her Publisher Focuses on New Titles
With the recent outing of Elena Ferrante's identity grabbing headlines, her American publisher, Europa Editions, is mounting a timely celebration to push two new books by the bestselling Italian author.
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'Born to Run' Roars to Big First Week
Bruce Springsteen's memoir sold more than 117,000 print copies in its first week on sale, according to Nielsen BookScan, making it the top selling title for the week ended October 2.
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We Need Diverse Books Launches Curated Books App
The app, called OurStory, relies on a database of over 1,200 curated books featuring diverse characters to offer reading recommendations.
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Canada Named Guest of Honor at Frankfurt 2020
The event represents an opportunity for Canada’s publishing industry to demonstrate its vitality on a world stage.

Here's Who Won't Win the Nobel: Why "pasta fetishist" Haruki Murakami, "bad tweeter" Joyce Carol Oates, and "Norwegian cigarette smoker" Karl Ove Knausgaard are bad bets.

Funny Writers Pick Funny Books: More than 30 writers discuss the books that make them laugh—and have a lot to say.

How the Berenstain Bears Found Salvation: On the spiritual sea change in the content of the long-running children's series.

How Libraries Save Lives: One woman’s story of how a bookmobile transported her away from a deadly life and toward her human potential.

The Literature of Creepy Clowns: Sinister clowns and clown-like figures have become a staple of pop culture, including in books.


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