Monday, October 10, 2016

The Kiwi Man Cave Manual

The Kiwi Man Cave Manual

by Steve Hale

Publication date: October 2016,  Bateman - RRP $39.99

Every bloke needs their own personal sanctuary, devoid of stress, bills, political correctness and constant nagging.
A Happy Place that inspires them to believe that everything is actually right with the world.

Steve Hale travelled the country to talk with over thirty inspirational Kiwi Man Cavers, and one rare female of the species, to have them share their slice of paradise.
Add elements such as beard maintenance, mantiques and collectables, and recipes from top Kiwi chefs and you have the complete Kiwi Man Cave Manual.

Steve interviewed a range of colourful Kiwi Man Cavers. Mad Butcher Sir Peter Leitch shares his large display of wonderful mementos from some the world’s greatest athletes, including Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal. Mark Sainsbury reveals he’s a lover of 1940s–1950s-era hospital, industrial stuff, and an avid op shopper, with all his finds being duly loaded into his beloved Lincoln Continental.

Among the vast variety of man caves featured are Jono’s futuristic Skysphere of Aokoutere, Petrolhead Pete’s Whiskey Flats in Pukehina, The Bear Pit, The Dog Box, The Bloodshed, The Crock and Bull, and even The Mine’s Bigger Than Yours Fishing Club.

In ‘one for the ladies’, we meet Kirsty and the Bedford 500 Diesel bus she has lovingly restored to include a lounge, fireplace, oven and fridge. There is an external toilet, a porcelain basin and a lavender-lined stone pathway leading to an outdoor shower. Kirsty has sensibly parked the bus in her vineyard, driving it to various locations as sun and desire dictate.

With hearty, delicious bloke-style recipes, including the Man Lamb Burger, Mince on Fried Pasta, and Potato Chip Chook, this book will satisfy the heartiest of appetites.
About the author:
Steve Hale is a journalist, rugby coach and tour guide, with a passion for rugby and a zest for life. He is also author of Kiwi Tractors: A Humble National Icon and lives in Te Aroha.

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